• Alpha Station

    Located 60kms S of Alpha
    Managers: Tony & Sharyn Truelson

  • Fork Lagoon & Jaydena

    Located 30kms W of Emerald
    Manager: Warren Miller

  • Julia Creek Aggregation

    Located 35kms S of Julia Creek
    Incl: Coolreagh, Yorkshire
    General Manager: Craig Young

  • Oakleigh

    Located 20kms NE of Marlborough
    Managers: Josh & Kerry Patch

  • Oakwood

    Located 50kms W of Augathella
    Managers: Tony & Sharyn Truelson

  • Pegunny Aggregation

    Located 20km W of Moura
    Incl: Anglestone, Olive Dale, Roundstone
    Manager: Patrick Mckenna

  • Pony Hills Aggregation

    Located 90kms N of Roma
    Incl: Scott’s Creek, Strathblane, Wybara
    Managers: Darryl & Christine Land

Northern Territory


  • Ambalindum Aggregation

    Located 100km E of Alice Springs
    Managers: Nick & Candice Krebs
    Assistant Manager: Neil Mathieson

  • Numery

    Located 200kms E of Alice Springs
    Managers: Nick & Candice Krebs

New South Wales & South Australia


  • Warilba

    Located 25kms W of Narrandera
    Managers: Ben & Georgie Skerman

  • Tandou

    Located 143kms SE of Broken Hill
    Manager: Kyle & Amy Withers

  • Packsaddle

    Located 175kms N of Broken Hill
    Manager: Ben Lindsay & Trudy Atkins

  • Kalabity

    Located in Eastern South Australia
    202km W of Broken Hill