Healthand safety

We are dedicated to the provision of a safe working environment for all team members, contractors and visitors. HCA understands a proactive health and safety culture is the responsibility of each and every person in our operations and is committed to working with our team through industry leading safety management initiatives and systems. We are proud of our business which is underpinned by a keen focus on engagement, training, audits, equipment and reporting which facilitate continuous improvements in health and safety.


Throughout the many regions in which we operate, we enjoy working with local communities and businesses across multiple industries and have done so for generations. As a business firmly entrenched in family roots and values, these relationships are not only foundational to our success but an integral part of who we are and how we operate.


We are committed to a lasting legacy of best practice environmental management. As custodians of our land, its sustainable use for current and future generations is not only critical, but integrated into all aspects of our daily operations. We continue to incorporate innovative land and pasture management techniques and actively contribute to improving the environmental profile of our business.


Animal welfare best practice is not only a goal at HCA, it is a way of life. HCA and its team are committed to ensuring all animals in or on our operations are treated with the respect they deserve. Any form of animal cruelty or stressful treatment of animals will not be tolerated on any HCA properties or by any member of its team.


We are dedicated to minimising biosecurity risks to our people, our animals and our land. We leverage best practice techniques and systems to mitigate risks to our operations as well the broader industry. This includes using all available resources such as administrative declarations, communication, visitor protocols and biosecurity plans for each of our operations.