GROWTH & OPPORTUNITY are the cornerstones of all aspects of Hewitt Cattle Australia – our people, our business and our industry. We use these two words to represent continuous improvement at HCA – through the GO Program. Our GO program continues to provide a platform for all HCA team members to engage in professional, personal and skill-based development.
Founded by Dr. Toby Ford, Ford Health is a preventative health focused provider with over 20 years working for Australian businesses. By improving health and wellbeing in key areas of work, lifestyle, physical, medical and psychological health Ford Health aims to see that working people are healthier.
HCA is proud to be in partnership with Ford Health to provide an Employee Assisted Program (EAP) to all our employees. What is EAP? An Employee Assisted Program is a confidential service provided to employees on behalf of the company to assist with any personal and/or work-related concerns affecting physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing.